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CIF Update - Job Evaluation


CIF Update Regarding Job Evaluation

In June 2014, the CIF committee prioritized five classifications and one group for job evaluation (JE) as per Appendix I of the collective agreement. The designated classifications and group were: Data Operator, Help Desk Rep., Printer, Client Site Service Rep. (CSSR) I and II, and the Translations Group.

Several discussions were held but it was not until January 2015, that a joint CIF sub-committee of both Company and Council representatives was formed to deal with this outstanding issue. The JE sub-committee was tasked with two objectives: (1) review the job evaluation data for the above mentioned classifications / group and present a recommendation to CIF, and (2) research and propose a new job evaluation tool that will be used for future JE requests.

In December 2015, the CIF committee accepted the recommendation of the JE sub-committee in regard to the outstanding JE classifications. The resolution was as follows: Data Operator wage scale increases from 2 to 10, Help Desk Rep. wage scale increases from 4 to 6, Printer wage scale increases from 9 to 11, CSSR I wage scale increases from 4 to 9, CSSR II wage scale increases from 6 to 11 and the Translations Group changed from a Network Rep. I role to a Network Rep. II classification.

On January 12, 2016, the 130 affected employees were notified of the job evaluation recommendations and the details as they pertain to their classification or work group.

The CIF JE sub-committee is now working on the second issue, to review existing job evaluation methodology, and make a recommendation for a new job evaluation tool and process that will be used for future JE requests.