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Reimbursement of Doctor's Certificates / Notes for Union Members

At the November 30, 2016 Bell Aliant Joint Consultative meeting, there was a discussion regarding reimbursement of doctor's certificates / notes for union members returning from incidental absence. It was confirmed by Bell Labour Relations representatives at that meeting, that the Company will continue to follow the current practice developed after Unifor ACL raised this issue in the past.
"When the Company requests an employee provide a doctor's certificate / note as covered under the terms of the Collective Agreement, and there is a cost incurred by the employee for obtaining the doctor's certificate / note, the Company agrees to reimburse the employee for such reasonable costs charged by the doctor. Reimbursement for doctor's certificates / notes will be the responsibility of the employee's manager and will be provided upon submission of a receipt by the employee for the costs incurred."
It should also be noted that this process does not affect the Company's practice that currently provides for reimbursement of costs for forms completed by a treating physician and associated with an employee's Sickness Disability Benefits (SDB).
If any member has any questions or issues with their manager regarding this procedure, please contact your local shop steward or a member of the Unifor ACL Council
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