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Unifor ACL Information Session Questions / Answers


1) Does the Bell Omni Flex plan still require a doctor's prescription for massage, chiropractor or physio treatments? 

No, a doctor’s prescription is not required.

2) Is there a cap on the dollar value associated with purchasing hearing aid(s) and if so how much? It is also assumed that the coverage is for a maximum of two hearing aids?

The coverage is up to $1,500 per person every 48 months. It is reimbursed at 80% or 90% - dependent on the medical option the employee selects.


3) What is the approximate time frame that a member will have to wait for reimbursement from Manulife?

 Paper submissions have a 5 day turnaround time unless the claim is complex and needs to be referred to Manulife’s Technical Claims Unit. On-line claims are processed within a day or two and if direct deposit is elected, the member receives the money very quickly. Drugs are reimbursed directly at the pharmacy.


4) Is there maximum co-pay under the Bell Omni Flex plan?

 There is no maximum co-pay or yearly out of pocket in the Omni flex plan. However, the Omni flex plan provides similar or enhanced coverage at a lower cost per year, for example more prescription drugs, including high-cost specialty drugs, no employee cost for LTD and basic life insurance, lower employee cost if any for health and dental coverage, more flex dollars to cover the cost of GAA, and lower cost for optional life insurance without proof of insurability upon enrollment.


5) Is it possible to see a list of prescription drugs covered under the Bell Omni Flex plan?

All prescription drugs are eligible; the plan is not subject to a limited drug formulary.  Some restrictions could apply when new drugs are entering the market. To find out if a prescribed drug is covered under the Medical Plan or requires prior authorization, employees may logon to the Manulife Financial Plan Member Web site and use the drug lookup tool under “My drug plan”. This online tool will also advise if a generic drug or lower cost alternative for a prescription drug exists. Employees may also call Manulife Financial directly.


6) With the services combined and a cap of $1000, does speech therapy fall under that same combined services amount?

Reimbursement is dependent on the coverage option that an employee chooses. Speech therapy is covered under Option 3 at 90% up to $1,250 per person each program year for all services combined. It is not covered under Option 2.


7) Certain medications that members are currently using required a special assessment approval in order to be covered. Would members be required to go through this same approval process again with Manulife if they are selected as the medical benefits provider?

These rules will be determined if a decision is made to change plan/provider.


8) When management moved over to the Bell Omni Flex plan in January did Manulife honor the GAA amount that was already invested in this coverage? And is this particular coverage still with Blue Cross or now with Manulife? 

Managers are still participating in the Medavie Blue Cross Group Assured Access plan.


9) Does the Bell Omni Flex plan cover treatments such as Botox injections for neck pain relief?

The original submission will be declined because Botox may be used for cosmetic reasons. The member may complete Manulife’s Prior Authorization form; employees may access the form on the Manulife Plan Member site.  


10) If a member of the Bell Omni Flex plan had a question regarding coverage of medical procedure coverage, is there a 1-800 number or email address that they can forward their question to within Manulife?

Yes, members have a 1-800 to call Manulife.


11) Can you provide a complete list of all of the features that are currently eligible for the 35% Bell EDP concession?

Please see the "Documents" section of the Unifor ACL web page for the current eligible features list.