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Unpaid Work Bulletin


Unifor ACL contends that all work performed by our unionized members for Bell is valuable and should be compensated as such.

 We also recognize that Bell continues to adopt systems, processes and institute staffing models that puts impractical expectations on our members.

In order to try and reach these goals, it has come to our attention that some members are doing one or more of the following: not taking breaks, skipping or shortening their lunches, coming in early, or leaving late.

These unpaid work practices are a clear violation of Article 23 and 27 of the Collective Agreement and must stop immediately. We fully understand the daily pressures that many of our members are under to perform their jobs, and we are actively working to bring these unacceptable working conditions to Bell's attention.

The Labour movement has fought long and hard over many years to earn these paid benefits, so we expect all members to do their part and protect these CA provisions.

Not standing up for your rights undermines Unifor ACL’s ability to advocate for more jobs and also retain our current workforce.

Unifor ACL strongly recommends that all members take their breaks and lunch hours. All time worked before and after a scheduled tour, must be properly submitted and paid as per Article 23 of our Collective Agreement. 

Please contact your Local shop steward or any member of the Council, if you feel you are being pressured and regularly overloaded with work.

Each Unifor ACL local will be working to vigorously challenge this unacceptable workplace issue.


In Solidarity,

Unifor ACL