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Bulletin #7


 BULLETIN 2019 # 7
NOVEMBER 28, 2019 

An agreement was signed on July 23, 2019, between Bell and the Unifor Atlantic Communications Council (Council), which allows members in the DC pension plan the option of transferring their DC pension savings into the Bell Canada DC plan upon retirement. This option gives the member the benefit of the low administration and investment fees of the Bell Canada plan.
Members who have any concerns or questions regarding the awarding of a job posting, please contact your local Union office. Any concern must be raised within 30 days of the awarding of the position.
As we have spoken about in past Bulletins, we finally have dates for this important arbitration. Council and our legal representatives continue to prepare.   The arbitration is set for Halifax on March 3-5, 2020.
The Union had filed a grievance in 2016 concerning the definition of “Small Business” as it is written in the CST classification description in our collective agreement. In an attempt to come to agreement on the issue prior to arbitration, Unifor ACL and Bell have talked extensively. No agreement has been reached. This arbitration is set for Moncton on April 21-22, 2020. 
We continue to try to arrange for arbitration dates for the CFS program. Our legal team is currently in discussion with Bell’s legal and the arbitrator to settle on these dates.
The Unifor ACL council been approached on several occasions by members who feel that what they are being asked to do by their manager falls under their job responsibilities. If you are asked to do something outside your normal job duties and have questions, please ask your manager to put their request in writing and at the first opportunity contact your shop steward.
With the Federal election behind us, Unifor National will be directing much more focus on the Bell Real Talk campaign. As below:
November 13, 2019  To: All Bell Locals Across Canada  Re: Bell Real Talk Campaign  Dear Members,  The work that you have done through bargaining and campaigns, to fightback against Bell’s unfair treatment of employees, and constant job erosion, is making a difference.  But we need to kick it up a notch, to get our campaign on solid footing in the new year. A strong base of engaged, connected union members to drive this campaign for good jobs in Canada’s telecommunications industry.  Please be sure to go to the website and sign up        
In Solidarity
Cullen Bolger, Bobby Macdonald, Lee Pearce, Sandy Brideau, Faith Chaisson,

Susan Rice, Jeff Nelson, Stéphane Lamoureux and National Rep Roch LeBlanc.