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CIF Update Dec 2015

There were lengthy discussions regarding the format of the company / union meetings such as provincial joint consultative (JC), Bell Aliant joint consultative (BAJC) and the common interest forum (CIF). Those discussions included frequency, locations, attendees and format. Also the company provided the latest management structure changes as they relate to the Bell consolidation plan for Bell Aliant, and management involvement in company / union meetings.

It was decided as a group that on a one year trial basis, the provincial JC and BAJC would be combined to become an operational format type meeting, which would only deal with issues that affect the Atlantic region. The meetings would take place five times per year, be limited to a maximum of eighteen (18) delegates from both sides and at least one meeting per year would be held outside of Nova Scotia.

CIF meeting format would primarily deal with collective agreement language additions and amendments in a continuous bargaining process. There would be four meetings per year and the below mentioned CIF committee members be the attendees.

These committee format changes will be trialed in the coming months and evaluated to confirm that the changes are effective and accomplish the goals set out by both the union / company committee members.

There has been progress with the job evaluation (JE) process in regard to the six job classifications that were deemed for this process back in June / 2014. The affected employees in these six classifications will be contacted in the coming weeks and discussions held with them to explain the recommendations of the CIF committee. The next phase of the JE process will be to discuss and determine a job evaluation tool that would be used for any future JE classification or position requests.

CIF committee members :

David Gates – Chair of Council / President Local 2289

Bobby MacDonald – Vice Chair of Council / President Local 401

Susan Rice – Secretary of Council / Local 410

Joyclin Coates – Treasurer of Council / Local 2289

Sandy Brideau – President Local 506

Steve Howlett – President Local 410

Rick Rose – National Unifor Representative

Reno Vaillancourt – VP – Labour Relations – Bell

Jennifer Palov – Director – HR – Bell Aliant

Dianne McQuade-Clarke – Senior Mgr – HR – Bell Aliant

Dale Grimes – VP – Field Operations – Bell Aliant

Geoff Moore – Director – Network – Bell Aliant